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Experts in Domestic & Commercial Roofing

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Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

When you want to combine long term protection for your home with improved appearance and increased value, invest in Upvc fascia roof-line replacement boards.

Fitting fascia and soffit boards to your home protects the rafter and joist ends from the ravages of the British weather. Years of exposure to our weather can leave your home exposed to damp, condensation, and decay. It’s vital, therefore, to keep your rafter and joist ends in good condition.

You can always choose to re-paint and repair your timber but that’s not only time consuming but also VERY expensive. Soffits, Fascias and Guttering in old houses are generally made from wood and iron. Now modern plastics ensure that they stay looking good for much longer due to their weatherproof qualities and durability.

PVC is a very durable, long-lasting material, indeed the BRE – Building Research Establishment quotes a reference service life for PVC household roofing products of over 30 years. In practice we find PVC products lasting and looking good year after year.

Hamilton Roofing and Building Ltd are based in Fulham London and can fit your Upvc fascias, soffits, guttering and roof cladding as part of your new roof or as a separate project. We also have a variety of fascia colours which you can choose from. Our company is built on recommendation, and we pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship within all products.

After installing new Upvc fascias and soffits our customers no longer need to worry about the maintenance work and costly annual bills that painted or treated timber fascias and soffits bring.

Upvc comes in a variety of finishes, including white, black, light and dark brown and also an attractive wood grain. Upvc fascias can also be used for full replacement boards, capping boards or even installed over existing wooden timbers to the customers request.

Once installed by Hamilton Roofing and Building Ltd this is an excellent way of giving your property an external face lift and relieve you of that constant maintenance issue needed with old timber roof-line surrounds.


Protect your property for years & years

No painting

No rotting

Protect your roof

Clean new look

Increased property value

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“Needed some help in a hurry to address dangerous piece of hanging guttering. Came out with 2 hours notice despite being on another job. Had to come up with creative solution to address problem, was friendly, helpful and efficient.”