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Experts in Domestic & Commercial Roofing

Free survey and quotes  – Guarantees on all work

Experts in Domestic & Commercial Roofing

Free survey and quotes | Guarantees on all work


Flat Roofs

At Hamilton Roofing & Building our roofers are ‘CURE-IT’ trained and approved installers. We specialise in all types of flat roofing on Residential & Commercial properties, including:

We pride ourselves on the quality of our finished product and we aim to ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied throughout the installation process from quotation to completion. Whether it’s a leaking flat roof, total replacement or simply some advice on which roof to use, we are here to help.

Hamilton Roofing & Building Ltd offer free impartial advice. Our pricing policy is extremely competitive and we will provide you with a free no obligation quote. All our flat roofers quotations are fixed. There will be no hidden extras, so costs will not alter.

There are many flat roofing companies, and with so much choice it’s important to have confidence in the people that are carrying out the work for you. This is why we at Hamilton Roofing & Building Ltd greatly welcome questions and comments from those who may be considering our roofing services.

We also have many references that can be provided.

GRP/Fiberglass Roofing

Approved Installers

What is Glass Reinforced Plastic 'GRP'?

In simple terms, GRP is a mixture of polyester resin with glass reinforcement, coated with a polyester topcoat to improve appearance. Fine fibres of glass are used as the reinforcement which is where it gets the common name ‘fiberglass’.

It is the preferred material used by many industries – common uses include high performance aircraft (gliders), boats, automobiles, baths, hot tubs, water tanks, roofing, pipes, cladding, surfboards and external door skins. GRP is chosen for its strength, appearance, weather resistance, longevity and cost . These characteristics make it the optimum choice for roofing

Leaking roofs can be very costly and cause expensive damage to your home if ignored. With a GRP roof from Howard Fiberglass Roofing, you can be reassured that your property is protected by a high quality, durable system providing a minimum of 30 years peace of mind and saving you money long term, with no maintenance to worry about. So why wait? Contact us for a quote now!

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“Came on time with 2 mates and in no time job was done. No fuss and no charge! I will use him again any time if the leak re occurs.”